I'm looking to make an apple pie brown ale with bourbon infused apple pie spices (cinnamon, all-spice, cardamom, vanilla, etc.) in the secondary. Here's what I figured:

5 gallon batch
Grain bill:
8 lbs Maris otter
2 lbs Munich malt
1 lb Caramel 120L
8 oz Chocolate malt

8 oz Flaked oats
8 oz Lactose (flameout)
(Both for creaminess)

East Kent Goldings (60 min and 10 min)

British ale

My issue is, when do I add the apple and how should I prepare the apples? I want to avoid a cider taste and implement more of a creamy brown ale with an apple pie background. I thought to add about 8 lbs of carmelized apples at the end of the boil. I think I want to avoid putting fruit in the secondary with the bourbon infused spices because I had a bad experience, but I figured that was another option.

Any suggestions? Any recipe suggestions?

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